Wellness Center

Wellness is a journey of health, well being, and life style changes. Meeting your goals requires personal responsibility and a commitment to your self.

Innovative Wellness offers Traditional and Holistic Wellness Coaching, Acupuncture, Yoga, and massage.  Innovative Therapy emphasizes the body as a whole while stimulating positive change throughout all aspects of your life.

The focus is finding a solution to your current problem and applying steps in motion to accomplishing your goals.

I am so grateful for modern medicine today. Without current medicine our world would face great challenges. Medicine primarily treat disease management. Physicians and their staff often have little to no time to help patients plan and see through an effective health behavior transformation for disease prevention. With Innovative Wellness Center there is an amazing opportunity to unite the plan given from your physician with our support to overcome the obstacles you face. In return you set a foundation that helps make lasting health behavior changes for your future.

At Innovative Wellness Center you receive guidance unique to you and your individual needs. This important step is designed to get you out of your current state of being and bring you back into a new frame of mind. Feel now what you are desiring with no distractions; take action and you are on your way to a brighter future. Sometimes life requires a little nudge to get you back on path. Innovative Wellness will provide you systems that guide your desires into reality and treatments to help you feel great now. The focus is finding a solution to your current problem and putting steps in motion to accomplish your goals. Innovative Wellness will guide you through the steps and programs and you make it happen.